Buchla Retro Program Card

Buchla Retro Program Card

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The Buchla Reto Program Card allows you to create and recall presets for the Music Easel Synthesiser. This innovative card allows you to put the Easel into remote control mode and perform some careful solder patching to create your very own preset! A simple PCB with legends to define the connections within the Easel sound source can allow you to create new sounds and modulations easily.

Because the circuit is open, you can even touch the boards with your hand to short the connections and make some truly unique and strange noises. The Buchla Retro Program Card is perfect for the DIY enthusiast who loves to experiment and create!


  • 110V - 240V internal power supply
  • Black analog program card for designing your own sounds from scratch
  • Fully labelled layout for intuitive soldering choices
  • Compatible with ME-X7, ECM-X7, 208C, and Music Easel/LEM208 (2013-2019)

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