Ona Analog Oscillator

Ona Analog Oscillator

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The Nanomodules Ona is an fully analog 8HP oscillator made to excel as a prominent voice of your modular system while providing plenty of utility to play nicely with others.
All parameters on Ona feature inputs for voltage control, meaning that it can easily provide rich and deep analog timbres. Its triangle-core design makes for a clean sine wave, as well as laying the groundwork to include two unique waveshaping outputs, sitting somewhere spectrally between triangle, saw, and square waves, and both can be affected by PWM.
Additionally, there are two sub outputs at one and two octaves below the base frequency, adding extra body to any of the other sounds. Applying modulation to Ona while combining several outputs into a mixer can create complex shapes and movement for any patch.


  • Fully analog, triangle-core oscillator
  • 8 octave frequency range with offset switch for VCO or LFO operation
  • FM switch for linear or exponential frequency modulation
  • Traditional analog waveforms of sine, triangle, sawtooth, and square
  • Sync input
  • Pulse width knob behaves as attenuator when external PWM input is patched
  • Two complex waveforms with PWM capability
  • Two sub outputs one and two octaves down, both square wave with fixed 50% duty cycle

Video: https://youtu.be/OLMFAW3CJDM

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