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The 4MS EnvVCA is an 8HP, analog EG/LFO with built-in VCA.
At its core are two Rise/Fall sliders with three-way range switches, with envelope durations which can go as fast as 12ms or as long as 20 minutes. A dedicated level slider lets you attenuate the signal, and a Cycle button, with corresponding CV trigger, turns the Envelope into a looping LFO-like signal generator. Both the Rise and Fall times share a single CV control—but both have independent attenuverters, allowing for extremely customisable CV response despite the shared input.

The VCA is a low-noise, DC-coupled circuit, making it perfect for audio or CV sources.
Note that the VCA is coupled to the internal envelope generator—making it simple to use as an end-of-voice articulation controller. The Follow jack lets you generate complex modulations, slew, and to add a sustain stage to the envelope, allowing for both AD and ASR envelope shapes.

Video: https://youtu.be/thP-QcBpZWo

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