SSF Steady State Gate

SSF Steady State Gate

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The Steady State Gate is a new discrete multi-mode Low Pass Gate with an additional timbre modifying stage from Steady State Fate

Features include:

6db/Oct Bandpass, 6dB/Oct Lowpass and 12dB/Oct Lowpass Filter Modes Manual Frequency Cutoff Control and CV Input Manual Resonance (Q-FACTOR) Control and CV Input

Three Timbre Modifying Circuits - Manual Control and CV Input. Wave Folder Soft Saturation Overdrive QAOS (Resonance Character Modifier)

Manual and Voltage Controlled Decay Envelope tailored to Vactrol LPG response curve. Envelope output for advanced self patching and to control other modules

EXCITE Input for conditioning gates, triggers and external envelopes to 'pluck' the Low Pass gate EXCITE is input level sensitive to control the dynamics and emphasis of plucking effects. Sensitive to Envelope attack up to about 50mS

The Steady State Gate can also be used as a standalone VCF or as a stand alone VCA with high end roll off - typical of most traditional Low pass gates. The Timbre modifiers can be used in these modes or bypassed to keep your signal clean.


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