Abyss Devices ATV Dual Attenuverters + Offsets

Abyss Devices ATV Dual Attenuverters + Offsets

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The Abyss Devices' ATV is a compact 2HP dual channel attenuverter/offset that works with both audio and CV signals, giving you 2x gain in either positive or negative.
Channel 1 is normalised into channel 2 meaning you could have an inverted copy of any signal and with green/red coloured LEDs to indicate voltage, it's easy to know which is which.
A shift knob offsets the voltage by up to 10v in either negative or positive directions.


  • 2-Channel offset/attenuverter
  • Attenuverter knob inverts signals
  • Shift knob adds an offset to the voltage
  • Channel 1 normalised to channel 2
  • Sends out constant voltage when nothing is patched
  • Green/red LEDs for indicating positive or negative

Video: https://youtu.be/Do7mFxw1yxU

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