Instruo Cruïnn

Instruo Cruïnn

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The Instruō Cruïnn is a 14HP analogue stereo oscillator that utilises through-zero phase modulation to create deep, animated textures.
On top of its single sawtooth oscillator core, it produces five additional parallel phase-displaced sawtooth variants that are each controlled by their own discrete internal triangle waveform LFO. With both on-board and external control over the LFO rates and modulation depths, the Cruïnn effortlessly creates, super-super saws, lush pads, phasey basses, and chaotic effects.
With the included passive 4HP Expander, access to all six waveforms are available.
Add to that the ability to individually displace the phase of each waveform via CV and Cruïnn becomes an amorphous swarm of harmonically rich sawtooths.


  • Stereo and summed outputs
  • Six phase-displaced sawtooth variants
  • Five internal triangle waveform LFOs
  • Global rate and depth modulation controls
  • Built-in stereo VCA
  • Linear and exponential frequency modulation
  • LFO functionality
  • Includes 4HP passive waveform and CV expansion module


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