Noise Engineering Polydactyl Versio - Black

Noise Engineering Polydactyl Versio - Black

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Polydactyl Versio is Noise Engineering's take on a multiband dynamics processor. Polydactyl Versio is equally at home on single-instrument timbral processing and on end-of-chain gloss. Taking inspiration from Noise Engineering's Librae Legio, Polydactyl Versio applies a unique and transparent algorithm across three bands for maximal dynamic impact. Add in a multiband saturation knob and noise gate, throw in a limiter, and you have a processor that gives ultimate control of color and dynamics.

Polydactyl Versio is part of the Versio family: this platform module can be transformed into a completely different effect by loading a growing number of alternate firmwares, completely free! Plus, with open-source support and documentation at LibDaisy, you can write your own firmware. Grab a Polydactyl Versio and see what it unleashes on your sound!

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