Herbs & Stones Liquid Foam (Eurorack)

Herbs & Stones Liquid Foam (Eurorack)

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Liquid Foam is a modular monophonic analog groovebox that revolves around a dual sequencer designed to encourage complex pattern exploration.

Fully compatible with eurorack voltages and standards, it can generate anything from straightforward 4/4 loops to ever-changing byzantine synth lines, off-key tantrums and organic percussive phrases.

At the core there’s an analog VCO with two stages of waveshaping, a decay-only EG that can be inverted any step, a 2-pole resonant low pass VCF and a CMOS-based final overdrive stage.

Added features for eurorack:

  • New input circuitry will accept any type of signal, not just 5V gates

  • Newly designed filter and wave mixer

  • Three new outputs: trigger, envelope generator and bandpass filter

  • No more delay when unplugging an external clock signal

  • The eg offset knob now affects the envelope generator also in non-inverted mode

Width: 32HP Power: 45mA at +12V 9mA at -12V Max depth: 20 mm

Includes a power connector, 4x rack mounting screws.

Video: https://youtu.be/OAvuXVMz0SM

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