Black Arts Toneworks Priestess - Black

Black Arts Toneworks Priestess - Black

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Probably the most versatile and comprehensive Muff-based fuzz offering from BAT, the Priestess offers a myriad of switching options and tonal sculpting tools, specifically the 4 gain stages it incorporates:

  • 1st gain stage – Pharaoh. Higher headroom input results in great stacking possibilities
  • 2nd gain stage – Green Russian results in a solid attack and bottom end
  • 3rd gain stage – NYC Reissue with Creamy Dreamer Mod gives a high gain stage with a bit of squish
  • Tone controls – Violet Ram’s Head for a pleasant vocal midrange
  • 4th gain stage – LSTR. High Output

Made by hand in Ohio, USA.

Includes original box.


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