Colortone Optical Tremolo

Colortone Optical Tremolo

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Colortone’s Optical Tremolo is a wave shapeable analog tremolo effect pedal utilising an optical photoresistor to produce a vibrant pulse, slightly asymmentrical in shape, adding a smooth organic undulation that harkens back to the golden age of tube amps.

The ‘shape’ control lets you adjust the shape of the modulation curve from a smooth and rounded sine wave (reminiscent of the vibrato circuits heard on black panel amps) through to a square wave chop perfect for achieving the '60s 'Repeater' tremolo sound.

Enclosed in Colortone's hand finished, etched box with signature brushed aluminium nut on footswitch. True Bypass switching. 9V DC Centre negative (no battery) - 10mA.

Made in Sydney, Australia


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