Modal Electronics Craft Synth 2.0

Modal Electronics Craft Synth 2.0

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The Modal CRAFTsynth 2.0 draws on the raw synthesis power of the original CRAFTsynth with a huge range of new features, raising the benchmark on what a compact, portable battery powered synthesiser can do. Incorporating the design ethos first seen in the the recently released Modal SKULPTsynthesiser, CRAFTsynth 2.0 delivers unprecedented sonic versatility and sound design potential, in a completely portable package.

With a total of 40 waveforms and with the ability to select and morph between the waveforms in a bank, CRAFTsynth 2.0’s eight oscillator banks cover Virtual Analogue, Digital and Generative waves as well as a selection from the Modal Electronics 002 Polyphonic Synthesiser. All in a battery powered device that fits in your hand. Taking sound design potential into new territory, CRAFTsynth v2.0 features 16 oscillator modulation ‘Modifiers’ that allow the user to process and cross modulate between CRAFTsynth 2.0’s two oscillator sets to create truly unique, new and exciting sonic textures.

USB connectivity isn’t just for power; Modal CRAFTsynth 2.0 provides a Class Compliant USB MIDI connection, enabling CRAFTsynth 2.0 to play in an integrated setup with MacOSX, Windows or iOS & Android tablets and phones. The MODALapp editor provides complete visual access and control to all of the features of CRAFTsynth 2.0, along with tight integration of Modal’s first generation CRAFTdevices (CRAFTsynth 1.0 and CRAFTrhythm) as well as the ModalSKULPT synthesiser - letting you work across all the Modal instruments in your rig with one unified high quality editing environment on the platform of choice including MacOSX, Windows or iOS & Android.

CRAFTsynth 2.0 delivers unparalleled I/O options for its size, including DIN MIDI in and out (with an option for a soft ‘THRU’), and SYNC in and out over 3.5mm jacks, ensuring CRAFTsynth 2.0 sits in any rig with ease.


  • 8 oscillators in total with 2 selectable waveforms and mixer stage
  • 40 unique waveforms available split into 8 banks of 5 morphable waveform sets
  • Process and cross modulate waveforms with 1 of 16 oscillator modifiers including
  • Multi option Unison/spread to detune the 8 oscillators
  • 3 x separate envelope generators for Filter, Amplitude and Modulation
  • 2 x separate audio rate LFOs
  • 8 sources each with their own destination
  • Built in programmable sequenced arpeggiator with real time transpose
  • 2-pole resonant filter with morphing from Low Pass, through Band Pass, to High Pass modes
  • Delay and distortion (waveshaping overdrive) effects
  • Optional MIDI clock sync for LFOs and Delay
  • 64 patch preset storage locations
  • 8 key touch MIDI keyboard with 8 custom scales and root note selection
  • MIDI DIN in and out
  • Analogue clock sync in and out (configured to the KORG / Teenage Engineering specification)
  • Class compliant MIDI provided over USB connection
  • Headphone and line output
  • Powered by USB or 3 x internal AA batteries
  • Optional software editor available for macOS, Windows, iOS and Android
  • 12 front panel endless rotary encoders
  • Encoder transmit MIDI CC’s

Includes original box.


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