Flight of Harmony Plague Bearer - DIY KIT

Flight of Harmony Plague Bearer - DIY KIT

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DIY Kit of the Plague Bearer module. Build documentation here.

The Plague Bearer is called a filter, but that is just a description of the circuit topology, what it can actually do goes way beyond that. It has been described as a filter, a waveshaper, a mangler, a crusher, and as an “FSU module”.

If you are looking for technical synthophile specs you are out of luck here. All f(h) devices are designed in accordance with how they sound. So unfortunately there is no straightforward answer to the question, “what is the filter slope?”

It is a filter, but it does more (all at the same time, really) excessive phase shifting, waveforming, ringing, formant generation, and so on. I guess it could be called a waveform modifier or enhancer, but those don’t sound good either. It has been named the Plague Bearer for a reason.

Video: https://youtu.be/z9N30kuGuOs

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