After Later Audio QARV

After Later Audio QARV

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QARV - Quad Attack, Release, & VCA in 20hp.

It features four channels of function generator, oscillator, slew limiter, envelope, and VCAs. This module brings the ultimate in flexibility as it can be used as a standalone synth voice, a massive amount of modulation, or a four channel envelope generator w/ mixer. We believe this makes QARV a great first module and a great addition to the largest of systems.

All four channels have the following features:

Uni-polar oscillator mode Attack and release time control via potentiometer and via input jack Shape control that controls shape for both attack and release Output attenuverter VCAs that normal to each subsequent channel (CH1 -> CH2, etc.). So you can get a mix of all four channels out of the CH4 VCA output (unless you patch a VCA output from an earlier channel)

Channels 1 & 4

Voltage source (CH1 - 5V & CH4 - 10V) CH1 & CH4 can be switched between IN (slew mode) and TRIG (envelope) mode RISE and FALL gates. You can use our G&T module to turn these gates into triggers. Channels 2 & 3:

Bi-polar oscillator mode Dedicated IN and TRIG jacks (helpful for adding offset to a triggered ENV) BOTH input jack to simplify patching both the attack and release (also inverts the input to give more standard pitch tracking of higher voltage equals higher pitch)


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