Bastl Instruments SoftPop 2
Bastl Instruments SoftPop 2
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Bastl Instruments SoftPop 2

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Softpop SP2 is a totally radical subtractive synth with unconventional digital control. Noisy and melodic it performs equally in both spheres. SP2ā€™s favourite sounds include bassline bangies, angel-like chord progressions, hard clipping beats, and sounds of liquid. It also features an external input with enough gain and saturation to process any sound through the filter and VCA.

SP2ā€™s sequencer is built around simple 8-step loops of notes, gates, and slides called PATTERNS. These PATTERNS (8 per BANK) can be played and chained in any order (and in real-time) to create longer sequences. Softpop's sequencer expands on this classic format by adding 8 SCALES of user-definable quantisation, 8 playback modes, and 8 performance FX, all of which can be independently chained and looped!

Use the SCALE chaining to build chord progressions or reach for playback modes to browse the 8 steps in different ways. Add randomness and modulation to the pitch with the PITCH MOD fader and transpose the sequence with the PITCH fader. Temporary FX can be played on the fly to help you build transitions or looped for yet another degree of sequenced complexity.

Package includes; Quickstart guide 5 patch cables (15cm: Green, Dark Green, Brown, Black and White) Micro USB cable (excl. power supply) Rubber feet Sticker


  • USB power (micro): <250mA
  • dimensions: 173 x 112 x 41 mm
  • inputs are capable of receiving eurorack signals
  • 16-pin protected eurorack power connector requires 5V from busboard: <250mA
  • eurorack size rail adaptors available as open-source files
  • all outputs are 5Vpp except for PULSE, EDGE, ENV, BP, and DYNAMICS that are 4Vpp


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