Fairfield Circuitry Long Life

Fairfield Circuitry Long Life

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Long Life from Fairfield Circuitry is a versatile state-variable filter with wide range and application. Combining tilt and notch/boost equalisation around a 2nd-order (-12dB/octave) state-variable core.

Very much a one-band parametric equaliser with gritty extras:

  • Shelving filter, from low-pass to high-pass
  • CV inputs for resonance (Q) and frequency (F)
  • V/octave scaling synthesizer interface
  • Fully variable Q goes well into tasty sweet self-oscillations
  • Soft clip zener zesty mordant
  • Expression pedal input controls centre frequency

Its flexible tone stack allows for careful tuning of desired response. Stacking before/after other pedals creates dramatic emphasis/deemphasis.Use an expression pedal for wah style filtering. Standalone channel strip EQ for outboard processing.

Integrated with a modular synthesiser setup, it can act as a VCF and a VCO, with external CV control such as sequencers and keyboards.

Video: https://youtu.be/s-UXYIDPCrQ

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