XAOC Devices Erfurt

XAOC Devices Erfurt

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Xaoc Devices Erfurt is a Leibniz Subsystem component that may be used as an 8-output clock and audio frequency divider, a bi-directional binary counter, or a programmable digital oscillator.

When operating alone, the state of Erfurt changes by 1 at each impulse from the clock inputs, so that it counts from 0 to 255 in a cycle. This yields the signal frequency divided by 2, 4, 8, etc. up to 128, available at individual bit outputs. Depending on which clock input is used, the clock patterns correspond to the so called mathematical or musical divisions of the rhythm.

Connected to other Leibniz modules, Erfurt may play various roles, eg. it may scan waveshapes in Jena, produce stepped voltages useful for making interesting glissandi with Drezno and any VCO, generate gate patterns animating the spectrum of Odessa harmonic banks, spawn pseudo-chaotic sequences when fed back to Lipsk, etc.

Main features: - Leibniz subsystem component - phase accumulator - programmable digital oscillator - bi-directional binary counter - clock and audio frequency divider

+12V: 25mA -12V: 30mA

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