AI Synthesis AI017 Low Pass Gate - Black

AI Synthesis AI017 Low Pass Gate - Black

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AI Synthesis AI017 Low Pass Gate can be used as a Voltage Controlled Filter, Voltage Controlled Amplifier, or both at once.
It is an updated variation of the classic Buchla 200 Series Low Pass Gate, updated with a tunable resonance circuit, and a Depth control. Vactrols are used for control voltage, allowing for classic ringing and bongo effects.
The Depth control compensates the vactrols inability to drop lower than 100 ohms, which can allow audio bleed on traditional Low Pass Gates. The effect can be switched on or off, as depth will attenuate the ringing and bongo effects, giving the user an easy way to go from a "vintage" Low Pass Gate to a "modern" Low Pass Gate with the flick of a switch.


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