Voodoo Lab Control Switcher

Voodoo Lab Control Switcher

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Add MIDI automation easily to any channel switching amp! Switch channels on multiple amps and easily automate any non-MIDI functions with Control Switcher. Using a Commander or Ground Control Pro, Voodoo Lab’s new Control Switcher gives you instant MIDI programmability for controlling all footswitchable amp functions including channel switching, reverb, boost, EQ, loop and more. Features 4 completely isolated relays with front panel instant access buttons, separate 1/4” mono outputs and a multi-DIN connector. >br> Runs off a standard 9V power supply and is compact enough to mount behind an amp, inside a rack, or on a pedalboard. Dimensions are 15.5 cm wide x 7.75 cm deep x 3 cm height.

Control Switcher Features: 4 isolated relay controls Front panel instant access buttons Separate 1/4" mono jacks Multi-DIN connector for modern amps Controls any footswitch function Phantom powered by GCX or Pedal Switcher via MIDI cable Works with Program and Control changes Hand built in the U.S.A.

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