XOR Electronics NerdSeq - Black

XOR Electronics NerdSeq - Black

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The XOR Electronics Nerdseq is an advanced, tracker based CV and Trigger sequencer module for Eurorack systems.
It consists of 6 tracks for the CV/Trigger/MOD generation of 18 outputs, 4 User assignable inputs, clock and reset in/outputs and 2 x 2 sample tracks for sample sequencing.
The tracker sequencer allows for straightforward and fast editing and has great live performance capabilities.
Special features include tables, automation, CV and Trigger effects, glide, odd patterns, polyrythmic, shuffle/groove, ratchet, probability, re-trigger and much more. The internal memory allows up to 255 sequencer rows and 176 patterns (up to 64 steps) plus sub sequences and functions. SD-Card storage can be used for the samples and to load and save projects, so in a way it has endless space.

Video: https://youtu.be/HUiIJ4jFzpw

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