Acid Rain Technology Junction

Acid Rain Technology Junction

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Junction is a 4hp 4 channel attenuverter, cascading mixer and multiple designed to fine tune the control voltages in your rack to the perfect range for their destinations. Junction can be used as a source of fixed voltage, offset another voltage, or mix multiple voltages together to create complex and dynamic modulation.

Each channel on Junction has a knob (1) that acts as a manual control for the attenuverter. Center position (12 o clock) is 0V. The first channel input (2) is normalized to +5V when no cable is plugged into it. A buffered copy of the input signal of the first channel is present on all of the other inputs from from the first (2) to the last (8). This duplication is “cascading” as shown by the arrow graphics on the panel - if a cable is patched into any input, it “breaks” the cascading multiple - all unpatched inputs carry the signal present at the uppermost patched input (or +5V if no inputs are patched). For example, if a signal is patched into the second channel’s input (4) the third (6) and fourth (8) channel inputs would carry a copy of the second channel’s input instead of the first channel input. Junction’s channels are mixed on the outputs. The output mixer is also “cascading” - when a cable is patched into an output, it carries a mix of it’s own output and all unpatched channel outputs above it. For example, if only the last channel output (9) is patched, this output will carry a mix of all of the outputs. Patching the first channel output (3) would remove it from this mix. Even though Junction’s inputs cascade and outputs mix, Junction’s output will clip at the Eurorack power rail voltages of +12 and -12V. It is not possible to output a voltage outside of this range, regardless of the signals patched into Junction.

  • 4hp
  • 25mm deep
  • 23mA +12V, 20mA -12V

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