Schlappi Engineering Boundary - Silver

Schlappi Engineering Boundary - Silver

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The Boundary is a multi-purpose modulation and signal control center. It consists of a cycling slew and a four quadrant multiplier (VCA). The cycling slew (which can be used as an envelope or LFO) has individual control over rise and fall, rate and shape, as well as dedicated inputs for trigger, slew (for gates or pitch cv), full wave rectification (for envelope following), and a unique "Bound" input which allows for bouncing ball effects and additional modulation of the envelope.

The four quadrant multiplier is an OTA design and is usable as a VCA or ring modulator with a soft limiter on the output to tame extreme signals or push into distortion.

Features: * LFO and modulation oscillator (from cycles measured in minutes to high audio rate) * Envelope following with a dedicated full wave rectifier input so no peaks are lost * Bouncing ball effects using the unique bound input * Voltage controlled frequency division at clock or audio rate * Slew can be used as portamento for v/oct signals * Four quadrant VCA allows for ring modulation * Soft limiter on the VCA output allows for taming or distortion of wild signals * 12HP * Skiff friendly 25mm depth * Max current draw: +12V 112mA -12V 59mA


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