Catalinbread Skewer Blackmore Treble Boost

Catalinbread Skewer Blackmore Treble Boost

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The SKEWER stays true to that Treble Booster based on the old JHS unit. but allows you dial in the desired frequency range from rich and full to treble-heavy, as well as control the amount of boost. You can also vary the amount of transistor gain for some extra juice. Of course, because it’s Blackmore we’re talking about here, he had his original Treble Booster modded to play nicer with the rest of his gear. We’ve taken the liberty of giving you that mod as well, which is fully adjustable via the trimpot inside. Further enhancements include a noise reduction filter and anti-pop switch circuitry. This one bites just a little harder than the Naga Viper, and sounds fantastic with the Catalinbread DREAMCOAT.


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