ADDAC Systems ADDAC802 VCA Quintet

ADDAC Systems ADDAC802 VCA Quintet

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The ADDAC802 VCA Quintet is a 12HP, five-channel analog VCA and mixer great for dynamically combining different signals in a modular situation.
Each channel has a CV input and attenuator to set the level of amplification and there is also a switch to route the channel to the mix output, the solo output, or to mute it. Another switch selects the VCA response between linear and logarithmic.

  • Five-channel VCA and mixer
  • Each channel can be soloed, mixed, or muted via a switch
  • VCAs can be linear or logarithmic
  • Individual VCA outputs
  • Final output VCA with CV input
  • Mix output either pre or post mix-VCA
  • Solo outputs post VCA
  • External input for daisy chaining multiple mixers together


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