ADDAC Systems ADDAC603 VC Triple Bandpass Filter

ADDAC Systems ADDAC603 VC Triple Bandpass Filter

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The ADDAC603 VC is a 22HP triple Bandpass Filter provides three channels of bandpass filters, fantastic for sculpting complex sounds. Each of the channels feature a gain/distortion control with switch to select between x3 or x100 gain, which can cause the input signals to distort, adding another layer of harmonic interest.
The inputs are cascaded together to allow one source to be filtered in three different ways, or each filter can be used independently. The three filters also feature controls for frequency, which sets the cutoff point; width, which sets the width of the band that is being filtered; feedback, which at high settings causes the filter to self-oscillate, and level control, which sets the amplitude of the output. Frequency, bandwidth, and output level each have CV inputs with attenuverters.
The ADDAC603 offers a wide variety of filtering options to add complex tonal shaping to your rack.

  • Triple bandpass filter
  • Frequency cutoff, bandwidth, and output level controls with CV inputs
  • Gain/distortion control with switch for 3x or 100x gain
  • Selectable 24dB or 12dB modes for each filter
  • Individual outputs plus mix and dry/wet outputs
  • Feedback for self oscillation
  • Cascaded inputs for multi-filtering of the same signal


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