ADDAC Systems ADDAC506 Stochastic Envelope Generator

ADDAC Systems ADDAC506 Stochastic Envelope Generator

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The ADDAC506 Stochastic Function Generator is a 20HP Stochastic Function Generator perfect for complex envelopes. It features four channels of envelope/slew generation and controls for global maximum rise/fall and minimum rise/fall.
Every trigger or start of envelope cycle, the module randomly selects a new rise and fall time based on these controls. If the minimum setting is above the maximum setting, no modulation will occur and the settings will act as a fixed control for the envelope time. The rise/fall min/max controls all have dedicated CV inputs with attenuverters.

  • Four-channel complex envelope generator
  • Switches for locking parameters, looping, slew/trigger, and range
  • End of rise, end of fall, and rise only gate outputs
  • Per-envelope triggering and control of curve, amplitude, and offset
  • Attenuverters for all CV inputs
  • Mix and average output


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