ADDAC Systems ADDAC306 VC Transitions

ADDAC Systems ADDAC306 VC Transitions

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The ADDAC306 VC Transitions is an 8HP, five channel, multi-directional macro CV generator and processor, suited for controlling a whole host of parameters at the same time. Each of the channels features minimum, span, and direction controls. The ADDAC306 also features a CV input and transition controller slider.
Send a sequencer to five different destinations with different voltage levels for each, change up a whole patch with one slider motion, or dial in sweet spots on your favourite filters. This performative voltage generator and processor is a fun and exciting way to add macro control your modular system.

  • Five-channel CV generator and processor
  • CV input for attenuating
  • One slider that controls voltage level for the five outputs
  • Direction sets the slider behaviour per channel
  • Minimum and span set voltage levels

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