Schlappi Engineering Boundary - Black

Schlappi Engineering Boundary - Black

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The Boundary is a multi-function cycling slew and four quadrant VCA.


  • LFO and modulation oscillator (from cycles measured in minutes to high audio rate)
  • Slew input can be used with gate signals for attack-release envelope
  • Trig input can be used for attack-decay envelope
  • Slew input can also be used as portamento for v/oct signals
  • Rectify input has a full wave rectifier to act as a high quality envelope follower
  • Trig input can also be used for voltage controlled frequency division at clock or audio rate
  • Bound input allows for unique bouncing ball effects and combined AM/FM modulation
  • EOR output can be used for gate/trigger delay
  • Soft limiter on the VCA output allows for taming or distortion of wild signals
  • Four quadrant VCA allows for ring modulation


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