Shakmat Bard Quartet Programmable Quad Quantizer

Shakmat Bard Quartet Programmable Quad Quantizer

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The Shakmat Bard Quartet is a 10HP, four channel quantizer thanks to its intuitive keyboard and simple user interface.
Scale, octave shift and I/O assignation is quickly and independently editable per channel.
The harmony feature lets you store and recall (with the knob and through CV) the 4 channel’s settings, making progressive harmonies, chord creation or any evolutive harmonic arrangement an easy task.
The module has a non volatile memory containing 80 harmonic configurations. As we all know, playing in tune is cool but controllable detuned harmony is way cooler, that's why the Bard Quartet features a micro tuning function, where each note of each channel is detunable independently.


  • Four channel quantizer
  • High precision 16 bit DAC delivering an accurate V/Oct reponse over 10 octaves
  • Independent scaling per channel
  • Octave shift (from -3 to +3 oct) per channel
  • Transpose input with pre/post quantizing
  • Gate input working as a sample and hold assignable per channel
  • Trigger output assignable per channel
  • Harmony feature (scales + octave shiftings + I/O assignations) facilitating swap from one setting to another through the potentiometer and CV input
  • Easily editable micro tuning per channel and per note
  • Non volatile memory of 80 harmonies


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