Erica Synths Dada Noise System II

Erica Synths Dada Noise System II

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In co-operation with the Liquid Sky Artistcollective, Erica Synths presents the new Dada Noise System II - A modular synth-lab dedicated to creating all kinds of abstract organic analog noise/ ambient soundscapes/ industrial noise/ bad ass bass/ spheric atmospheres/ unheard experimental drones/ sonic glitches and of course all kinds of thrilling horror and sci-fi sounds. Every single module in the system is already a sound source of its own, therefore the possibilities for sound, noise and atmospheric experiments are endless.

The Dada Noise System II includes:

  • Fusion VCO2
  • Fusion VCF3
  • Fusion Modulator
  • Black Stereo Delay
  • Black Joystick2 - one of the main elements of the Dada Noise System II which allows automations in sound and effects, positioning in the quadraphonic room, or can function as an experimental sequencer and sound source.
  • Black VC Clock
  • Black Modulator
  • Black Dual VCF
  • Black Quad VCA
  • Black Code Source
  • Black Spring Reverb
  • Black Output
  • 25 patch cables
  • Vertical side panels and an external PSU

The additional Quadraphonic Surround Panner (sold separately) makes it the perfect tool for film post production, game-sound design or quadraphonic performances.

To integrate both systems in one, please, order angled side panels that host both Dada Noise System II and Quadraphonic Surround Panner.


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