Erica Synths Black Dual ASR EG

Erica Synths Black Dual ASR EG

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The Black Dual ASR EG is a versatile, 10HP full analogue looping AD/ASR envelope generator with voltage control over attack and release times, that can also be used as low frequency oscillator with both manual and voltage controlled shape and rate.
It has two identical parts, each featuring all the typical envelope generator controls and bonus features ā€“ the end of the cycle output and bi-polar LFO output.
When the module is in loop mode, the shortest attack and decay settings turn the module into a voltage controlled drone oscillator with adjustable waveform (it will not track 1V/oct, though).


  • Dual voltage controlled envelope generator and LFO
  • Manual and voltage control over Attack and Decay/Release
  • Adjustable LFO shape
  • Manual gate button
  • Loop/Free running switch
  • End of the cycle output
  • Bipolar LFO output
  • A jumper for the EG/LFO time configuration


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