Befaco Morphader
Befaco Morphader
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Befaco Morphader

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The core of this 12hp module has four CV controlled crossfaders, each with their individual control and a master fader to control them all. The module mixes the four crossfades at its fourth output, thanks to a clever normalization scheme. Each of them can be easily removed from the mix by plugging a cable at its own output, providing a flexible mechanism to have several independat crossfades or a master scene fading. Morphader is a performative tool designed to make multichannel CV/Audio crossfade easy and comfortable. Fading from one quad CV/audio scene to another.

Main Features:

  • CV Controlled four channel crossfader.
  • Attenuators per input.
  • Normalised voltages to every input, allowing cv levels morphing.
  • Fader control to crossfade all channels at the same time.
  • CV or Audio switch per channel to change resposne curve.
  • Leds per channel for signal level monitoring. Specs:
  • Current needs: +12V: 53mA, -12V: 50mA
  • Width: 12 HP
  • Depth: 26 mm (including power connector)


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