DNIPro DOT - Black 3 Channel Euclidean Sequencer

DNIPro DOT - Black 3 Channel Euclidean Sequencer

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The DNIPro DOT is a the perfect 6HP tool for creating and managing rhythmic triggers in your Eurorack setup. With either the simple twist of a knob or deep, careful programming, fire drums, generate variable pulses or divide clocks. Both programming techniques can be combined.


  • 3 channels trigger sequencer in 6 hp
  • Euclidian pattern generators and XOX step programing
  • Real time manual recording
  • 3 routable bi-polar cv inputs
  • Ability to save and load patterns
  • Programmable ratchets
  • Swing
  • Flip-able interface
  • stable clocking with ultra low latency
  • Several modules can be chained to share clock and reset

Video: https://youtu.be/DGPKUnrwQKE

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