New Systems Instruments Harmonic Shift Oscillator

New Systems Instruments Harmonic Shift Oscillator

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The New Systems Instruments Harmonic Shift is a 12 HP Oscillator that produces harmonic and inharmonic spectra through all-analog electronics.

It provides similar capabilities to FM synthesis, but with a more direct relationship between the parameters and the resulting spectrum.

You can separately control the tuning, the level of the harmonics, and the harmonic stride (the spacing between consecutive harmonics).

When the harmonic stride is integer valued, you can get tones that sound similar to the traditional sine, triangle, square, and sawtooth, although the waveform will be different.
If harmonic stride is non-integer valued, you'll get a complex inharmonic waveform.

The Harmonic Shift Oscillator has CV control over all its parameters, with carefully chosen ranges and responds well to self-modulation.

With frequency, harmonic stride, and harmonic level modulation available, even a single HSO can produce extremely complex, evolving soundscapes with no other input.


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