Pittsburgh Modular Structure EP-420

Pittsburgh Modular Structure EP-420

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Consider all problems of space and power solved. A stunning, studio sized desktop enclosure, the Structure EP-420 eurorack case offers a massive 420hp of space split into three rows paired with a combined 17 amps of industry leading, clean, quiet power. Dang.

EP-420 Enclosure

  • Three 140hp Rows

  • 420hp Total Space Available

  • Edge to edge, through-wall-mounted rails reduce gaps between modules and the side of the case

  • 30 Smooth Sliding Square Nuts Per Rail Ensures Modules Always Fit Perfectly (Holds up to 90 modules)

  • Includes 180 Black (Size 4-40 1/4") Module Mounting Screws

  • Beautifully Hand-Stained Hardwood

EP-420 Dimensions

  • External Depth at Top: 3.5”

  • External Depth at Base: 9”

  • External Height: 18”

  • External Width: 29”

  • Minimum Internal Depth for Modules: 3 3/8”

  • Maximum Internal Depth for Modules: 6”

  • Empty Weight: 20 lbs

EP-420 Power

  • 6 Amps of Clean, Filtered +12v, and -12v Power

  • 5 Amps of Clean, Filtered +5v Power

  • Case wide 2 channel eurorack system bus

  • 60 keyed 16 pin eurorack power headers

  • External Power Switch with LED

Brand new with warranty.

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