Pittsburgh Modular Structure EP-360

Pittsburgh Modular Structure EP-360

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A monster synth needs a monster case. The Structure EP-360 is a triple row, 360hp eurorack travel case with detachable lid. The case includes a heavy duty, industrial strength power supply designed to exceed the needs of the most demanding analog and digital eurorack systems.

EP-360 Enclosure

  • Hardwood and aluminium construction

  • Three 120hp rows with 360hp total space available

  • Removable lid which fits over fully patched system (No need to remove patch cables)

  • Edge to edge, through-wall-mounted rails reduce gaps between modules and the side of the case

  • 24 smooth sliding square nuts per rail ensures modules always fit perfectly (Holds up to 72 modules)

  • Includes 150 Black (Size 4-40 1/4") Module Mounting Screws

  • Beautifully hand-stained cabinet grade hardwood with matching black steel hardware set

EP-360 Dimensions

  • External Case Depth with lid: 23.49 cm
  • External Case Depth without Lid: 6.48 cm

  • External Case Height: 43.18 cm

  • External Case Width: 31.88 cm

  • Internal Base Depth Above Power Supply: 1.46 cm

  • Internal Base Depth Above Bus Board: 2.1 cm

  • Internal Base Depth Above Nothing: 2.79 cm

  • Internal Lid Depth: 1.46 cm

  • Empty Weight: 12.25 kgs

EP-360 Power

  • 6 Amps of Clean, Filtered +12v, -12v, and 5 Amps +5v Power
  • Case Wide 2 Channel Eurorack System Bus
  • 60 Keyed 16 Pin Eurorack Power Headers
  • External Power Switch with LED

Includes rack screws.

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