Electro Faustus EF209 Drone King

Electro Faustus EF209 Drone King

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The Electeo Faustus EF209 Drone King is a drone box capable of thick drones and deep soundscapes - perfect for adding a wall of oscillators to your setup.

It features eight oscillators - six audio and two low frequency, split into two banks.
Each oscillator features a frequency control and a mute switch to bring that voice in or out of the mix.
The LFOs have controls for rate and depth, allowing you to dial in your desired drone settings. A filter with cutoff and resonance controls shapes the characteristics of the overall drone, and a thru input allows the Drone King to interface with the rest of your pedal board.

The Drone King provides rich drone tones with an intuitive interface, long live the king.

Video: https://youtu.be/URKgJC0JhAQ

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