Befaco Muxlicer

Befaco Muxlicer

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The Befaco Muxlicer is a 16HP is a sequential signal processor designed to add a huge range of special functions to your modular setup in the minimum space.
divided in three main blocks: a Digital Step Controller, a Gate Generator and an Analog Switch (a.k.a. Mux/DeMux), it is designed with high “function to HP ratio”, to have maximum flexibility in minimum space.


  • Route any modular audio or CV signal from one IN up to eight OUTs or vice versa.
  • Generate CV and Gate signals, able to be used as a sequencer
  • Cut audio signals in rhythmical slices with independent volume
  • Chop different audio signals in a rhythmical way
  • Generate complex CV/Gate patterns from any audio or CV moving signal
  • Two Clock Mult/Div on board; one for clock in and one for clock out
  • Manual and CV synchronous address control
  • Manual and CV Gate behaviour; none, full, half, two, three, Four


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