Haken Audio Control Voltage Converter - Sand

Haken Audio Control Voltage Converter - Sand

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While the Haken Continuum and ContinuuMini will work adequately with a standard Midi to Control Voltage device, Haken Audio have developed a high resolution converter to fully exploit the fast data rates and ranges of the Continuum. The Control Voltage Converter (CVC) generates control voltage signals that are perfectly suited for interfacing with legacy and modern-day analogue synthesizer systems. The CVC allows for the polyphonic X,Y, and Z outputs of the Continuum to be converted into a total of sixteen continuous control voltages and gates. To achieve this, the data output of the Continuum is connected directly to the CVC’s data input, avoiding Midi altogether.

**The CVC is specifically made for the Continuum and will not work with any other device.


Ultra-fast Communications

The CVC is built around i2c chips which communicate directly with the Continuum, ContinuuMini, or Osmose at 400kHz data rate.

Simplified Cabling

This third generation CVC provides both DIN5 and 3.5mm i2c connection options, allowing direct connection to all generations of Continuums, ContinuuMini, and Osmose without custom cables.

High Resolution

Unprecedented pitch bend support of 8 octaves (96 half steps pitch) at full Continuum output resolution (1 cent), with 16-bit Digital-to-Analog converters on all individual control voltage outputs.

Output Filtering

The Continuum updates parameters at a much higher rate than a standard keyboard. Finger pressure update rate is so fast that the updates can make an audible pitch on a standard Midi-CV, requiring external filtering. The CVC has been designed with this in mind, and as such requires no external filters for noise suppression.

Base Voice

The CVC’s Base Voice feature allows you to enable subsets of CVC outputs. For example, you can patch four different monophonic patches, and switch between them during a performance.

Midi Data Playback

The CVC can output control signals originating from data fed to the Continuum’s Midi input. This allows a Continuum performance to be captured and played back from a Midi sequencer into the CVC.


Depending on your analogue synthesiser, you will have particular preferences for voltage ranges of each output on your CVC. The CVC can switch between different voltage set ups at any time through special interaction with the Continuum playing surface or the Continuum Editor. In addition, the EaganMatrix can be programmed to create entirely custom control voltages; up to 8 control voltages can be defined for a voice, integrating formula math, shape generators, delays, and other EaganMatrix functionality into your analogue performance.

Rack ears not available for this colour.

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