Meng Qi Wing Pinger Synthesizer for Banana Plugs

Meng Qi Wing Pinger Synthesizer for Banana Plugs

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Introducing the Wing Pinger, Banana edition.

This is a Synthesizer that has no oscillators but instead uses a pair of self-resonating filters & feedback to generate sounds.

Using the touch keyboard on the right, which is somewhat reminiscent of Buchla synthesizers, you can play the filter very tonally.

Designer Meng Qi describes the Wing Pinger as the link to organic analog texture, rhythm, noise, and melodies. It allows you to travel between chaotic and tonal passages as fast as your motions shift. It is based on a pair of 4-pole resonate lowpass filters surrounded by a network of comparators, pulse converters, binary counters, and shift registers.

It talks to modular synthesizers via Banana jacks. Use TRIGGER outputs to sync external synthesizers to filter pings. STEP outputs are weighted mixes from shift registers.

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