XOXO Modular MIDIXO - Black

XOXO Modular MIDIXO - Black

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The MIDIXO from XOXO Modular is a solution to a growing problem in many modern setups: TRS MIDI format compatibility. MIDI to TRS adapters have been put into use more and more often by a number of manufacturers. The only problem being is that there has not been a standard put into place for how conversion takes place. This leaves us with two sets of adapters that cant talk to each other.

Now with the MIDIXO, we have a solution. The MIDIXO is simply a one input one output module that features two switches on the front panel. The switches convert the polarity of your adapter so that either set of MIDI to TRS cables can now function with any piece of gear that accepts 3.5mm TRS MIDI input.

The MIDIXO also serves as a wonderful companion to many Expert Sleepers modules, such as Disting Mk4, FH-2, or General CV. By connecting the included four pin ribbon cable, MIDIXO can serve as a MIDI breakout module for these modules. This makes the MIDIXO a wonderful utility connection module suitable for any setup that features MIDI to TRS conversion.

Configurable jumpers for a number of use cases.

Video: https://youtu.be/-xfPyIQFHek

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