Behringer RD6 AM Analog Drum Machine

Behringer RD6 AM Analog Drum Machine

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The Behringer Rhythm Designer RD6 Amber recreates the classic punchy sounds of the renowned 606 drum machine!

The RD6 includes 8 drum sounds as well as a 64-step sequencer so you can program your next beat in a hot sec.

The sequencer allows you to perform real-time switching between 32 separate patterns and mix any of the 8 different drum sounds by adjusting the dedicated level knobs. Each RD6 pattern can also be chained into a whole song with up to 256 bars; adding up to eight and a half minutes!

The RD6 also comes with a distortion based on the DS-1 sp you can spice up your tones with the flick of a switch and fine tune the level of distortion.

USB connectivity allows for easy sync and MIDI triggering so you can control the drum machine with your DAW, swap out songs and patterns, or trigger individual sounds.

Input and Output connections on the RD6 include:

  • Open or Closed Hi-Hat
  • Clap
  • Cymbal
  • Low and Hi Tom
  • Snare and Bass Drum Voice Outs
  • Start/Stop for connecting foot pedals
  • 5 PIN MIDI ports.

Hot tip: It also pairs perfectly with the range of popular TD-3 Bassline Synths ;)


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