After Later Audio STEPS Random Looping Stepped CV and Burst Generator

After Later Audio STEPS Random Looping Stepped CV and Burst Generator

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STEPS is a 6HP random looping stepped CV and burst generator.

It has three functional blocks:

Internal Clock:
* Rate control and output

Burst Generator:
* Pulses output which generates 8 pulses on every trigger
* Gate output which is high during the burst event
* EOB output which fires at the end of a burst event

Random Looping Stepped CV Generator:
* R.gate output outputs a random gate during a burst event
* Random stepped output or a loop of 8 steps
* Steps output with attenuverter. The Steps output is held low while there is no burst event

You can either use this as a random stepped CV source or a repeating 8 stepped CV source.
You can then trigger the burst generator to play the 8 step loop or 8 random steps. All of this can use the internal or external clock signals. To get more complex patterns you can daisy chain STEPS modules together by tying together their clocks and sending EOB to TRIG. This way you can generate 16 step patterns (or longer).

When first turning on STEPS you will need to run the module in RAND mode for at least 8 steps to fill the shift register with data.

Note: If a trigger is received off beat from the internal clock, the first step duration will be shortened.


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