Intellijel CVx 1U expander

Intellijel CVx 1U expander

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The 4HP CVx 1U expander modules features eight user-configurable outputs and connects to the MIDI 1U module. Using the Intellijel Config app, you can assign each of the eight jacks to generate just about any type of voltage that can be derived from a MIDI signal; pitch, gates, triggers, clocks, velocity and more. Chain up to four CVx modules to a single MIDI 1U to add a whopping 32 additional channels of midi control to your modular. Each CVx module can also allow you to generate 2 or 4 voice polyphonic controls with selectable voice allocation modes. The connectivity, feature set, expandability, and compact size make the MIDI 1U + CVx system ideal for integrating your modular gear with the rest of your rig.

1U Midi Module

  • Width: 14HP
  • Depth: 32mm
  • Power: 55mA @ +12V / 6mA @ -12V

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