Dreadbox Raindrops
Dreadbox Raindrops
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Dreadbox Raindrops

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Raindrops from Dreadbox is a hybrid delay/pitch shifter/reverb pedal that takes the concept of short echoes to a different level. Equipped with multiple delay stages and different chips it allows you to travel into 3 different play modes, each providing a whole new experience full of soundscapes; simple short echo all the way to long, dirty and lo-fi delays along with simple pitch shifting bursts ,to extensive lusting reverbs.
Raindrops can be a standard delay pedal, modulated delay, chorus, pitch shift up, shimmering delay, reverb pedal or Noise machine.

Delay times from 50ms to 1 sec with tap tempo (delays above 700ms start to become LO-FI and some dirt is introduced into the repeats)

3 Different Algorithms:

  • Modulated delay
  • Pitch shifter delay
  • Lusting reverb
  • Allows you to save a preset on each algorithm
  • True stereo in and out

Video: https://youtu.be/56XpmPsNBWY

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