Xaoc Devices BYTOM Impulse Integrator

Xaoc Devices BYTOM Impulse Integrator

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Bytom is a simple but extraordinarily helpful utility module that allows you to combine various trigger/gate signal sources to obtain interesting rhythmic events. Useful for sequencing, modulation and patch automation purposes. It can also be used for summing control voltages of a positive polarity. The module consists of three independent sections. Each one can process up to four signals fed to its inputs. All three sections can be normalled into one 12-signal combination via the manual switches. Either the upper or lower section can be combined with the middle section to form an 8-signal combination. Summed signals of two or three sections will appear on the middle section’s output socket. The individual outs on upper and lower units remain active even when combined with the middle section.

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Video: https://youtu.be/PeCMliF5Ml0

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