Erica Synths Black Digital Noise

Erica Synths Black Digital Noise

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The Black Digital Noise is Erica Synths' pathological brainchild. A unique noise module that makes wide range of noise effects; almost pure white noise, Atari console-like one bit noise and other crazy, more or less predictable sounds. At the heart of the module is a programmable logic matrix that includes two linear feedback shift registers that generate polynomial noise effects.


  • Wide range of noise effects (pure white noise to 1bit & 4bit vintage computer style noises)
  • Two polynomial feedback shift registers with CV control to set noise character
  • Adjustable noise frequency
  • External clock in - can follow frequency of VCO
  • Sync feature - polynomial reset
  • Can process audio signals (Even voice!)
  • Inputs/outputs are protected against over-voltage
  • Diode protection on reversed power supply

Similar noise generation scheme was used in several classical drum machines, and technology comes from techniques used in data scrambling.


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