Orange Crush Bass 25 Combo Amplifier

Orange Crush Bass 25 Combo Amplifier

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You wouldn’t compromise your bass sound if you were in Led Zeppelin, so why should practising at home be any different? Whilst the Crush Bass 25 may be the shortest model in the Crush Bass amp range, it still retains all the attitude and character that make taller Orange Amps so famous.

This 25 Watt combo features an all-analogue signal path, a ported cabinet for improved low end response plus a highly responsive active EQ section for managing them sounds. It's like it's filled with rock goblins! Like the rest of the Crush Bass range, the amp’s variable parametric mid band allows for maximum control over a broad range of frequencies in addition to the bass and treble. With an integrated tuner, an auxiliary input for backing tracks and a headphone output with our CabSim circuitry, the Crush Bass 25 is the perfect miniature rig for all players who require the best from their home tone.

  • SPEAKER: 8″

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