Endorphin.es Ground Control Eurorack Sequencer

Endorphin.es Ground Control Eurorack Sequencer

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42hp Eurorack modular performance sequencer workstation with 2 octaves of keyboard. Play sequences and grooves on the fly or use external USB / MIDI gear or DAW integration or control external MIDI gear.

  • Arbitrary, up to 64 steps per pattern, 24 patterns per track / project, 24 projects dedicated mute bus quantised to pattern length

  • 4 tracks: one drum track with 8 triggers and 3 melodic CV / gate tracks

  • Velocity and CC transmitssion / recording by MIDI

  • Works as a power supply for your modular system (same as Shuttle Control) or can be powered by bus power

  • Two record modes: step input with step editing and live recording

  • Arpeggiator, roller, pattern queue, live note removal, quick transpose

Video: https://youtu.be/t0OjK-sw3zI

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