Intellijel Tête Tetrapad Expander

Intellijel Tête Tetrapad Expander

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Tête is the new 8HP expander for the Tetrapad with three primary modes: VOLTAGES, NOTES and COMBO. You have the choice to record and playback your recall of these locations in a looper style (just play freely and spend arbitrary amount of time at any location) or as a clocked sequence (SH-101 style). Additionally you can traverse the matrix using the X and Y CV inputs to get Cartesian style sequencing. There is also variable slew that allows you to morph/glide between the values.

The Intellijel Tetrapad is required to use this module. Width: 8hp Depth: 39mm Current Draw: 120mA @ +12V / 6mA @ -12V


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