Kenton Modular Solo MIDI-CV/Gate Interface

Kenton Modular Solo MIDI-CV/Gate Interface

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The Modular Solo from Kenton is a high quality and quick 10hp MIDI/CV converter with a lot of functions in a 10HP Eurorack module. Similar to the Kenton ProSolo but with additional functions like a clock divider and more flexible AUX outputs.

  • 1 V / octave, 1,2 V / octave and Hz / V modes
  • CV, gate, aux and clock outputs
  • A 16 bit D/A converter guarantees rock-steady pitches
  • CV and gate signals can be fed to the Eurorack system bus
  • MIDI-DIN input and output respectively thru channel
  • Selectable MIDI channel
  • The MIDI output can be used for DIN Sync 24 equipment
  • Fine tune and scale parameters editable via software
  • Transpose option (+/- 12 semitones)
  • Editable pitch bend range
  • Gate output can emit V-trig or S-trig signals
  • Multiple and single trigger modes
  • Editable note priority (low / high / last)
  • Portamento with fixed rate and fixed time modes
  • Auto Portamento mode
  • Four programmable aux outputs
  • Two independent clock outputs (5 V or 10 V)
  • LFO with nine waveforms and routing options (Destinations: pitch, aux output)
  • Separate controllers for LFO to CV and LFO to aux
  • LFO offers sync and reset options
  • Clock outputs can work with 1 to 12, 24 or 48 PPQ
  • Setups are stored in non-volatile memory
  • MIDI monitor mode
  • All parameters are controllable in real-time via SysEx

  • Dimensions: 128mm high x 50mm wide x 80mm deep

  • Power consumption: +ve supply 85mA max / -ve supply 3mA

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